“Chelsea has been incredible! She firstly took her time to get to know me as a mother, discussing what possible feelings I needed to overcome in order to be a better mother, not only in regards to sleep but all parts of parenting. She talked me through the benefits of dealing with my own childhood feelings so in turn I could better be present with my son at the times he needs me. In doing this she helped me gain confidence in my ability as a parent, which in turn projected on to my son.

She had so much patience with my messages and went through instructions so carefully and thoroughly, always making sure we understood exactly what we were doing, but most importantly that we were comfortable with the process and that our son was responding in a way that we could all make sense of. He now sleeps through the night and has a 2 hour nap most days, and when he does now have a normal sleep regression or a night where things don’t go so well, I know exactly what to do to help him through it comfortably and consistently so our son feels secure in his sleeping environment, thanks to Chelsea.

Chelsea has gone absolutely above and beyond in all she has done for us by taking extra messages, working outside her time limits, and referring us to a range of websites and books to learn even more. She has taught us how to use play to benefit not only our son’s sleep and emotional wellbeing, but also our relationship with him.

We couldn’t thank her enough, but only to say that every day when she does her job she is helping a little person at the centre of it receive the best parenting and the best start to life, knowing that they feel listened to, connected to their parents and feel comfortable sharing their raw emotion without judgement (let alone sleep well!!).

My husband put it well – ‘you are not only professional, you are ridiculously caring’.”

Alexandra & Josh, Auckland NZ

This little boy was 14 months old at the time, and went through The Silver Support 4 Week Program.