“Chelsea has been such a Godsend!

We were at our wits end with our 10 month old who was absolutely terrified of her cot and basically just never slept – and if she did it was usually only with us holding her… all night! Within 9 days of starting to follow the amazing techniques along with the very informative help and encouragement from Chelsea, she was sleeping through the night in her cot by herself and, best of all, she was doing this happily!

Our sensitive 2.5 year old son has also benefitted hugely from these techniques and new way of parenting. His confidence in himself and me seeing him better for who he really is has really strengthened our relationship and will continue to as we go along!

Chelsea has an amazing way of encouraging and walking every step of the way with you – I feel like with her guidance and support, I have learnt the skills needed to give me the confidence to properly parent my two little ones, which is something I have never had before. Thank you so much Chelsea!”

Ange & Polu, Wellington NZ

This little girl was 10 months old at the time, and this little boy was 2.5 years old at the time. Both children went through The Silver Support 4 Week Program.