Thank you so much Chelsea! Our beautiful 11 month old is finally getting the sleep she needs at night (and so am I!). After a long 6 months of waking between every 1-3 hours all night, every night, and trying everything I could read online (even trying a different sleep consultant), I had no idea what to do anymore as nothing was working. Being the ‘well spirited’ bubba she is I knew I needed something a bit more supportive and am so glad I found your page. The constant and ongoing support and guidance is what helped us get to where we are. She is now going to bed without an issue at night time and sleeping 11 hours!

Naps, although we still don’t have these 100% perfect (due to sickness, starting daycare, etc. setting us back a bit) she is now settling herself with ease and every week they are getting longer… she even managed her first 1 hour sleep at daycare this week!

She has always been a happy and very active bub so it is an absolute joy that sleep time doesn’t cause her to get upset any more. Her eating has improved dramatically as well and we have a great little routine going that works for us all. I am so proud of how much she has improved and we couldn’t thank you enough for helping us achieve this. :)”

Erin, Fitzgibbon QLD

This little girl was 9 months old at the time, and went through The Silver Support 4 Week Program.