“The only reason I contacted a sleep specialist was my upcoming return to work and the fact my daughter would be starting daycare – she had never slept during the day except on me and at nighttime I was getting up 4-5 times to cuddle her or feed her back to sleep.

I was so nervous engaging Chelsea, convinced there was nothing she could tell me I hadn’t already read and that the only solution was to listen to my baby cry.

However after chatting through everything with Chelsea it gave me the confidence I needed to start the process and with someone to check in with every day (or several times a day!) it made everything seem much more manageable. And a lot of the changes were so simple but had a huge impact.

Since the second night my daughter has slept really well at night (except the odd time if she’s sick or needs an extra cuddle after daycare) sleeping really well and only waking once if at all. The daytime naps were always tougher and even a few months on I can’t predict how long she will sleep for! But she always naps in her cot and has adjusted well to daycare.

I can never thank Chelsea enough and although it was something I didn’t expect from the process, I learnt to trust my instincts as a mum and I learnt so much about my daughter. A much happier mum and bub!”

Janelle, Paddington QLD

This little girl was 6 months old at the time, and went through The Gold Support 6 Week Program.