“My son was was quite a good sleeper but he suffered terribly with stress, anxiety and separation issues which would greatly affect his sleep and routine at different times.

Chelsea worked with us on ways to play, interact and talk to Lewis to help him process and work through his anxieties.

We saw great changes in Lewis as he worked through his fears, opened up about his concerns and connected even more closely with us. As a result we now have a much calmer, happier boy who sleeps peacefully and for longer now.

It helped so much having someone to talk to about specific issues in our family. Chelsea’s approach was very personalised to our needs. She was compassionate and understanding and our family is so appreciative of the help she has given us. She can help with far more than just sleep.”

Leah, Moonee Beach NSW

This little boy was 2 years old at the time, and went through The Silver Support 4 Week Program.