"Only a month ago I was at my wits end and thought that the only option left was to let my son 'cry it out' (something I've always been very uncomfortable with). You showed us that not only is there an alternative, but one that would feel natural and help us parent better overall."
Courtney, Hawthorn Vic.

“Thank you Chelsea for such a great experience! Only a month ago I was at my wits end and thought that the only option left was to let my son ‘cry it out’ (something I’ve always been very uncomfortable with)…. Continue Reading →

"I wish we had made contact earlier, we now have a much calmer household."
Esther, Sandringham Vic.

“I highly recommend Chelsea’s services. Chelsea’s advice and techniques worked wonders for our toddler in an amazingly short period of time. I wish we had made contact earlier, we now have a much calmer household. Thank you so much Chelsea!”… Continue Reading →

"We have all developed deeper connections with each other and our house is a happier place."
Stacey, Spotswood Vic.

“I’m so glad that I stumbled across Chelsea on Facebook. The program that she created for us not only helped us achieve our sleep goals for our daughter, who now goes to sleep on her own and sleeps all night,… Continue Reading →

"After a long 6 months of waking between every 1-3 hours all night, every night, and trying everything I could read online (even trying a different sleep consultant), I had no idea what to do anymore as nothing was working... I am so proud of how much she has improved and we couldn't thank you enough for helping us achieve this. :)"
Erin, Fitzgibbon QLD

“Thank you so much Chelsea! Our beautiful 11 month old is finally getting the sleep she needs at night (and so am I!). After a long 6 months of waking between every 1-3 hours all night, every night, and trying… Continue Reading →

"I can never thank Chelsea enough and although it was something I didn't expect from the process, I learnt to trust my instincts as a mum and I learnt so much about my daughter. A much happier mum and bub!"
Janelle, Paddington QLD

“The only reason I contacted a sleep specialist was my upcoming return to work and the fact my daughter would be starting daycare – she had never slept during the day except on me and at nighttime I was getting… Continue Reading →

"We saw great changes in Lewis as he worked through his fears, opened up about his concerns and connected even more closely with us. As a result we now have a much calmer, happier boy who sleeps peacefully and for longer now."
Leah, Moonee Beach NSW

“My son was was quite a good sleeper but he suffered terribly with stress, anxiety and separation issues which would greatly affect his sleep and routine at different times. Chelsea worked with us on ways to play, interact and talk… Continue Reading →

"You honestly saved our lives! Thank you thank you thank you!"
Anthony & Marguerita, Langwarrin Vic.

“Hi Chelsea Anthony and I can not thank you enough for what you have done for us. A few weeks ago I had a little girl who needed to hold my hand to fall asleep and would wake as often… Continue Reading →

"Within just a couple of weeks of working with Chelsea we now have a child who will not only sleep in his cot, but he actually points to it when he wants to go to bed!"
Simone, Sunbury Vic.

“We cannot thank you enough! Our little guy is 11 months old and has had to be held to sleep for every nap as he hated even the sight of his cot! He was also waking 6+ times every night… Continue Reading →

"Chelsea is a 'sleeping guardian angel'... I no longer feel stuck in a terrible cycle of not knowing what to do! I had tried so many other things to help teach Henry to sleep but it was all to no avail. Chelsea is amazing and will give you back your sleep."
Tiffany, Balliang Vic.

“Chelsea is a ‘sleeping guardian angel’. She has been an exceptional help in improving my son’s sleep. Her wealth of knowledge is amazing, she has helpful resources and takes a holistic approach. The constant contact and help makes you feel… Continue Reading →

"We are also really excited about the future. Chelsea has given us the tools to go forward and deal with all the fun that is yet to come. We feel like we will be able to deal with dropping naps and teething and developmental milestones."
Kerryn & Che, Mulgrave Vic.

“We couldn’t recommend Chelsea highly enough. We didn’t have a nightmare sleeper, but did want help with the little things. Chelsea’s methods are great and really helped us getting our baby sleeping better throughout the day and more consistently at… Continue Reading →

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